Giving is the bomb dot com! ok… too!

Do you know somebody who has a wonderful family , full of life and personality, but they have no family photos?!? Thank gosh you do! Now is your chance to nominate them to win some super awesome mega coolness! Write me at and tell me why this family deserves to have awesomness dripping from their walls! Little secret: I love pictures…especially family photos drawn by little kids…. just sayin 😉

Dont waste any more precious time! I will be announcing the winner on Christmas, so that gives you nominators 10 days to produce the family!!! If you are thinking that you want to nominate someone, but writing some big huge story is a hassle, dont fret!! Just send me a quick paragraph! It will only take you a couple minutes, and I’ll give the person who nominates the family a little gift as well!

The Cash and Prizes: One luck family will be chosen to receive up to 4 hours of … ME and MY CAMERA!!! You will also receive some prints at no cost, so we can clothe your naked walls with photos aplenty! I’ll toss in the digital files as well, that way the extended family that you email will have something to gush over!!!

If you are like me and you think that Giving is Awesome, then you absolutely need to check out You can do a couple things there:

1. You can nominate a family who you feel is deserving of professional photography ( which is everyone ) but who could otherwise not afford it. You can search your address for photographers in your area, and email them for more info about their own individual details.
2. You can offer your photography services up in exchange for a warm smile and the satisfaction of knowing that there’s a family out there with photos to hang on their walls!

Whats great about this project is that it started out small-time, as a grassroots effort to help others. We owe that to Kristen Kalp, who is not only a talented a photographer, but a contributor to Totally Rad Actions, which are the best deal online for sweet Photoshop Actions.! Thanks Kristen for spreading the love!

Happy nominating!
<3, Dave