Indiana turns 1!!

…and time has FLOWN by… My little man is all growm up! Well, not exactly. But I dont quite feel ready to say “toddler” yet. “Baby” will do just fine for now TYVM! Baby Indy completed his first year of life, is past the age for SIDS ( so we can stop checking if he’s breathing when he’s just sleeping peacefully), and took his first steps a week ago… its a big week for him! We got him a SWEET Indiana Jones cake, and the cake topper even had a Boulder that you could shoot out and it would roll after Indiana just like Temple of Doom. Spectacular. Its so cool that the misses let me name him Indiana, cause themed birthdays are super easy! (for the Indiana Jones fans out there, yes I AM aware that Indiana was the dogs name). When it came time for the main event, Indiana weighed in at a staggering 27 pounds 9 ounces, and 32 inches tall ( thank you 1 year well baby checkup!), and the cake weighed in at 6 ounces, and 5 inches tall. Lets just say Indy remains the undefeated champ of Heavyweight cake boxing.

“Guards, release the photos!”

Indy was giving away free tickets to the Gun Show!!!

His lady was impressed !

Is that not the coolest cake topper EVER?!?!?!

So Round One was pretty tame, but Indy got some bloodlust after the taste of frosting hit his lips….

  • Anonymous - December 11, 2008 - 2:22 pm

    Hi Dave!!
    I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your photography!! I never leave any comments, but I always check out your work and I think it is SO AMAZING!! Your whole family is so BEAUTIFUL and all of my favorites are of them!! Keep up the good work in all things that you do!!! Big Hugs
    Nina =)