"That" Parent

I’m sure you’ve all seen “that” parent… the one who was waaay to involved at their child’s sports function. I stand before you all and proudly declare that displays some that-parent-ness at my daughters ballet recital last weekend. I know you must be thinking… how could you possibly be “that parent” at a ballet recital? Its not like anyone getting tackled ( at least not planned)… well I wasn’t going to let that stop me. So I achieved this the only way I know how… I brought bags of photo gear, and setup light stands with wireless flash modules attached, making it completely clear that I was in no way planning on taking a subtle photo… oh no. I could go to McDonald’s and turn it into a photo shoot! My Peanut learned some new moves, and I wanted them lit up! In reality, it wasn’t that crazy, although my apologies go out to the other Dad who was videotaping…. I make a guest appearance in his home video about 15 minutes in, passing by to adjust the exposure =) .. You can count on one thing though… I’m doing it next time!

The baby was dying to show his ballet skills…. looked like crawling to me.

  • Stout Photography - December 12, 2008 - 7:33 pm

    i hope you realize she is going to be a knock-out. if i were you, i’d buy a gun, learn some martial arts and get one of the lockable under panties for her