Hi. I’m Dave, and I’m an addict. I’ve been taking pictures of my kids every weekend, and I just can’t stop! They are just too ridiculously cute and full of life and expressiveness for me to resist. I also found an awesome excuse for all the hubby’s out there who don’t feel like mowing the lawn… Tall grass can become a “backdrop” for kids. See? Now you can spend that time taking pictures instead =)

This weekend, I was using just a white posterboard to provide some extra soft light on the otherwise dark side of their faces. i Love low tech solutions, especially if it requires no real setup. just a $3.00 posterboard and some sunshine! I can leave all my fancy flashes and wireless triggers in the house. The best part is that posterboard is compatible with all camera models, so even a point-and-shoot can use this method! Try it out for your outdoor pictures one day, you might get some keepers! Maybe I’ll try it with my cellphone this weekend…. hmmmm…

Lost in some deep baby thought….


My Groms

Kaitlyn got all excuted that her bulb began growing again…. so excited she ripped it from the soil in its youth, just to show me the progress… so we replanted poor bulby.

Look at that attention to detail!

Thanks for stopping by, you stay classy! – Dave