Holidays and Crazy Booth

I’m reluctant to clean up the random pine needles around the house, or throw away our Gingerbread House, because it signals the end of the Holidays. Starbucks removes its holiday drinks ( ugh) and everyone around me suddenly wants to eat healthy… whats that all about? We had a quiet little present-opening ceremony, and the kids were nice enough to let us sleep in until 9am on Christmas day… I think that was the best gift a child can ever give for Christmas. I remember getting up at 6am bright eyed and bushy tailed, and my mom wandering out to the front room after whats added up to be only a nap ( Nobody puts a bike together right on the first try) . My kids are awesome , they loved their gifts, and being able to spend time with them was a gift in itself. My Jenny got me some sweet chucks, some Fitted shirts-aka-extra-skinny-cause-you-eat-cookies-and-never-gain-weight-and-I-hate-it shirts from Express… they fit like a glove. Thanks honey! We also got ourselves a Blu-Ray player for Christmas at a deep discount… I could get addicted to Blu Ray real easy. You can actually see peoples pores! Beads of sweat! Excruciating and sometimes unwanted details are possible! I escaped while family was over and took some pics of the kids in the backyard… all I could say was “ahhhhhhh..” Taking a break from entertaining so I could be a shutterbug was just what I needed!

Grandpa snuck out too, probably for the same reason… so I made him sit in the wagon

Watching WALL-E and The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray tided us over until New Years Eve.
I got home BARELY before midnight! Relax, I made it in time for my New Years smooch.. thats whats really important to me when I think of New Years Eve.. it’s not the part, or Times Square on TV, or making a bunch of noise, it’s some juicy smackers coming my way! After ringing in 2009, we decided to have some wine, and construct the crazy booth, a term coined by Nate Kaiser of In a nutshell, its a white backdrop, some strobe lights, and a camera on a timer . Now seeing as how we were all good friends, we were in party mode, and were enjoying a delicious Merlot, I cant show you all of these photos… I know why Nate calls it the crazy booth=) But here’s a couple that wont scare the kids:

the belly button is PG13

..dont even ask.

Happy 2009 everyone, and thanks to my ’09 brides who are going to make this year splenderiffic!

much love, Dave