Bridal Shoot

I had a great time shooting Bridal shots in the city this week with my chica and model Mayra. She’s moving to Alabama ( hopefully touched down safely tonight) and she owed me a shoot… she was so awesome and accomodating that she let me do a 4 hour shoot the day before she moves across the country. I think I owe HER at this point! This girl is never without a smile and her trademark dimples, but she pulled some ferocious looks for me!

Big thanks to my friend Vicki at Bella Bloom in Downtown Sacramento for providing the bouquet on short notice… lifesaver the candy has got nothin on you girl!!!

You BROUGHT IT girl!

Much <3, especially to Mayra, whom I will miss dearly. Good Luck out there, and make us proud! And you know we're cutting up that dress when you get back =) Dave

  • Stout Photography - April 17, 2009 - 12:38 am

    my fave is definitely the doorway sequence. love the red wall. nice job dave.