Old Sugar Mill Wedding Photographer|Phillip and Nicole

I’m a big fan of things that have patina. Old buildings, pennies, and grandparents all show a weathered, experienced look that cannot be purchased, but earned. When I found out that Nicole and Phillip were getting married at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA, I was so stoked to shoot this wedding with my pal Jessica of Stout Photography! The Old Sugar Mill  is a photographers dream if you’re also into the urban-chic look like myself, and you are willing to leave Sacramento for fun, urban wedding photography. Piles of loose brick are everywhere, and the skeleton of a long-retired sugar processing mill create a high contrast scene for Nicole’s fabulous-ness. She looked stunning in her dress, and this girl was in serious shape. A week before her wedding, she ran a marathon! Needless to say, this was nothing to her and she was down for anything, including sitting on concrete slabs, climbing ladders, and strutting through rocks in high heels. Which is good, cause I’m sure she could beat me up if I made her do something too crazy…. she gave me free tickets to the gun show!

Old Sugar Mill.
35265 Willow Avenue.
Clarksburg, CA 95612.
(916) 744-1615

Because they chose a First Look, they were able to spend hours getting great photos before the wedding and didn’t spend nearly as much time away from their guests as a traditonal setup where the bride doesn’t see her groom. We love you guys for that!

These are the types of awesome photos possible at Old Suger Mill…. Concrete shapes, bricks, grunge,  just dripping with photo juice!  Nicole is workin it, and I had to get the zoom action on her cute shoes!

In addition to being an Old Sugar Mill, they also have a Winery on site, and vineyards across the street.. how conveniently awesome!

Thanks for being naturals and LOVING the camera 😉

Much <3,


  • Stout Photography - April 17, 2009 - 12:40 am

    my fav is the shot you have of them walking (he’s holding her dress) also like your processing on the vineyard shot.