When life hands you a fork

Its pretty hard to hide how much I love the city. Skyscrapers, one way streets, steam coming from man-holes… theres so much hidden romance in both the old and new architecture blended together. I can feel the sense of pride that goes into a well-excuted architectural marvel shooting into the sky. Lucky for me, I’m marrying a city girl. Jenny thinks camping involves taking ten paces from your car and setting up shop, and only if there is a bathroom and shower on site. I love my city girl<3 We spent her birthday weekend in the shopping district of San Francisco, and although we only covered the space between Saks and Nieman Marcus, we did it in style. Our first purchases were some ridiculously cool hats from a street vendor, who hand-made each one right there, all day long. I love supporting local businesses! There were a few different vendors like this, selling hand-crafted items day in and day out, and I felt a connection with them… they are creating something that they’re proud of…and although I woudn’t be a normal photographer if I wasn’t totally hard on myself, I feel proud to give my clients hand-crafted work. If they are as excited as we were to come home with our new treasures, it makes my job as a photographer so worthwhile.

When life hands you a fork, make a ring out of it =)

Much<3, Dave