Grand Island Mansion Wedding Photography: Sienna and Jeremy

People asked me how my weekend went, and I had to tell them that Friday was the most awesom-est day of the week. See, I met this fabulous girl named Sienna and her man Jeremy, and they know the same secret that I do: Friday is the new Saturday. For weddings, that is =) Jessica Moores from Stout Photography and I headed down a two lane road, alongside a river, and passed tons of cool old barns until we arrived at the majestic Grand Island Mansion to photograph their wedding. Might come back to shoot at some of those barns though =)

It was guys vs. girls today, and I hung out with Jeremy and his buddies, and Jessica was shooting with Sienna and her girls. Close match… I think the guys may have taken the awesome trophy by just a smidgen.

Sienna and Jeremy chose a First Look for their wedding, which I love. This gave us them the time to be alone with eachother on their wedding day, spend some quality time together before they are exhausted from hosting and dancing, and take fabulous pictures arund Grand Island Mansion without interrupting the festivities. Excellent choice you two!

Look at the zoom-action shoe detail!

Are these two people in love or WHAT?
I absolutely HAD to get shots of this adorable up-d0 to show my fiance Jenny. Doesn’t she look elegant?

We snuck out on this boat on the river behind Grand Island Mansion for some picturesque photos of the guys… I had to get on somebody else’s boat to do the Titanic shot… I think someone was sleeping in there while I was trespassing…oops =) I will do whatever it take if it means I can deliverĀ  fun wedding photos or alternative wedding photos!

I added a little bit of texture love to this one… its like an old shoe, it just has more character.

Sienna and Jeremy, thanks for inviting us to one of the most important days of your life. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Much <3,