Second Saturday Art Walk

Once a month, the city of Sacramento celebrates their dedication to art, culture immersion, and differentiating each other through their expressed views on canvas, with a camera, or through performance. Its a great vibe, and the streets are literally alive as people filter into a 4 block area from all over the city. We visited my new friend Gretchen’s display and she is a film shooter, with black and white. I sooo want to join that club! Maybe she’ll jump me in. I even saw some paintings I thought would look great in my house… too bad I wasn’t ready to sell my car in order to buy this gem ( it was $14,000). I didn’t take a picture since that’s usually a no-no, but I will leave you with some of the sights of the street as we made our way around the streets. If you are an appreciator of art, find a way to make it down to the Second Saturday Art Walk next month. At the very least, you’ll have a great time people-watching while you eat dinner from a restaurant patio!

See you out there in June!! Thank you Sacramento!

Much<3, Dave