My Favorite Job

Right now, I’m sitting on a red swing in the backyard, with one child on each side of me, moving their blue swings in and out of the mottled sunlight…well, I’m intermittently pushing the baby, but he’s still having a good time. And honestly, so am I.. This parenting stuff is pretty sweet! I happily change dirty diapers because I know that when I’m done, I could be tackled right afterwards and a giggle-party will immediately follow. I put long blond hair in pony-tails after combing out the knots, because afterwards, I can help with homework, have thumb-wars, and balloon fights. Being a Dad rocks!

Happy Father Day to all the guys who look at their kids and can’t help but to smile, to the new fathers who are nervous and excited at the same time, and women who support them!!

These little monsters are my favorite!!

Much <3, Dave