Lake of the Pines Wedding Photography|Danielle and Nick

It was great being at Danielle and Nicks wedding with Jessica from Stout Photo. Jessica invited me to shoot with her at the Lake of the Pines in Auburn, Ca. Like Jenny and I, Danielle and Nick are High School sweethearts! It’s not every day that people are lucky enough to just skip dating entirely and find their soul mate early on in life…. I bet there are many jealous daters out there =) When you look at them, you can tell they have an unbreakable bond. The way he smiles the biggest smiles for her jokes, the way she looks up at him and stares for that extra little half-second… their love is evident. I was honored to be a part of the wedding, and it was extra special since they’ve been together for so long ( it made me feel a little bit more normal ). Here are some photos from their fabulous ceremony at Lake of the Pines!

This is Danielle’s backyard! Its already pretty, but when you add Danielle, its completely breathtaking!

One great thing about getting married at Lake of the Pines is that you get a Lake in the background of your wedding photographs.   Ok there are Pines too =)  How awesome is that!?

Jessica and I had a blast, thank you for inviting us to your wedding guys!!

Much <3,