UC Davis Arboretum Wedding Photography: Amy and John

Amy loooves pictures. And John loooooves Amy. I hadn’t even snapped one photo yet, and I was already having a good time just feeding off of their excitement! I love when a client is as excited as I am about love documentation.   Amy, John and I headed to the UC Davis Arboretum for our sweet engagement session… We almost crashed a wedding that was going on there ’cause it was blazing hot and we were so thirsty! I had my fancy camera, so I could easily pass as the assistant wedding photographer. Ok, ok, we would never crash a wedding. That’s bad karma.  Cast your eyes upon these treasures!

UC Davis Arboretum

1 Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616-5270
(530) 752-4880

The sneakpeek photo, which I happily laid on the ground for, while light poured in from ether side of this gazebo.

This isn’t Joe’s first time on this bench at the  Arboretum… he proposed to Amy, right on this spot!! We took this photo here and I wasn’t told that this was THE spot until later on….I guess I just saw the same thing in this bench that John saw…

I was so stoked that Amy and John were willing to climb a tree for me and take some fun photos!  Amy and John are sittin in a tree,  k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

Amy is just gorgeous…. I literally couldn’t take a bad photo.   John meant business too, and hit me with some GQ material.. You go John!

Amy and John wanted to rent bikes to ride around the lake that is in the center of this sanctuary, but couldn’t get anyone to rent, so they borrowed one from a fellow Davisian. So RAD!

We left the Arboretum, and headed to the campus where they first met for more photo-action… We wanted to get soem bikers flying by while they kissed…so we waited. And by the time we were ready, everyone would be gone!  Then I saw some fellow extreme sports enthusiasts on BMX bikes… I whipped out some BMX lingo and they agreed to all do wheelies across the frame while we shot…victory!!! check out this sweet sequence:

What a gentleman!!

When Amy knows what she wants, she gets it..John, you were doomed from the start =)

As the light faded, we felt there was no other choice than to have an acrobatics competition on the white benches. I think John won this round with a perfectly executed toe-touch!

You guys rock, I had so much fun! Getting stoked for your Chinese wedding at King Palace soon!

Much <3,


  • Marin Kristine - October 1, 2009 - 8:08 pm

    I really enjoyed looking at this engagement session! You seem like a really fun guy Dave (great shots!) and a great photographer at that! Keep up the hard work, great getting to meet you at the TOFU.