Frasinetti Winery Wedding Photography|Reyna and Noah

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.I think for Americans  the love of Halloween is reinforced early on in life, when you can knock on some one’s door wearing a bed sheet with holes for your eyes, and you will be rewarded with candy. How awesome is that? As you get older, it’s a great excuse to throw a themed party, get into some trouble, or in the case of one rad couple, get married!

Reyna and Noah are great friends of mine, so of course I was excited that they planned on getting married on Halloween. We knew a pre-Halloween house party was in order, so we threw a lil bash at our house so the kids could play games and get candy, and got ready for the next week. I found out that Noah was renting a tuxedo, and they always come with some boring cuff-links. If you recall my wedding, I like exciting cuff-links, so I suggested this as the perfect wedding day gift for her man, and is a test of how well she knows him.. she found the coolest cuff-links that were hand-made to look like X Box controllers!!! She knew what she was doing, because Noah LOVES video games.

Before going to Frasinetti Winery for the Ceremony, we started off with Reyna getting her hair and make-up at Kevin Michael Salon, and since it was Halloween, their employees were in full costume! It was so rad.

Michele of Kevin Michael Salon did a fantastic job with Reynas look! They gave her smokey,  gorgeous eyes and big, fun hair that lasted all night.

Kevin Michael Salon

2405 15th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 448-5040

Our ceremony and reception were held at Frasinetti’s Winery, and their colors mixed well with the decor of this secluded venue.

We did a First Look, which let Reyna and Noah get some time away from their family, and enjoy their reception later without stepping out for pics! I heart you Rainy!!

Ok, guys vs. girls for best walk… I think the girls brought this one home. Look at Reyna Fierce! Even the Junior Bridesmaid is bringin it!

This was right after Reynas father announced that they are having their second child! So excited for baby#2!

Hands down, this is the coolest cake topper I have seen so far… Rain loves Nightmare Before Christmas  almost as much as she loves cake smooshed in her face!

These are some proud parents… you can see it in their eyes!

Reyna and Noah killed the electronics and had a heart-felt acoustic version of a Foo Fighters song performed by her Father-in-Law… I got a little misty-eyed. In a manly way of course.

This was one of the funnest weddings I’ve photographed, not only cause of the great theme at Frasinetti Winery and the couple being good friends, but also because my wife was a bridesmaid, my best friend was a bridesmaid, my daughter a Junior bridesmaid, and the list goes on…. definitely a family affair! i love you guys, you put a smile on my face, and I’m stoked to post up part 2 soon…

Did anyone notice that there weren’t portraits shot at Frasinetti? Yeah, cause they’re so cool, we shot them in San Francisco the next day… <3<3<3. Reyna and Noah should sell a How-to-be-an-awesome-couple guide!

Stay tuned for part two!

Much <3,