Green is the New Black

Green is everywhere now, and I couldn’t be happier! And I don’t mean winter grass, I’m talking about the concept of sustainability, especially from businesses.  Companies everywhere are turning to more environmentally responsible choices for distribution, communication, and day-to-day operations.  Many of the things they do benefit the environment and the business.  If you have been to Costco, you see a fine example there. No plastic bags are allowed, only leftover product boxes. And nobody complains!  Today on the UC Davis Campus,  attended a vendor fair where catering and venue businesses were invited to show off their environmentally friendly menu offerings, and companies were there to demonstrate how their facility is a wise choice for anyone who is an enviro-geek like myself.

And then there was me.  I was the only photographer there!  I didn’t have duck meatballs in creamy risotto to offer passerby’s,  I may not have been the busiest booth,  but I felt like  I was the most fun… Rather than have a typical trade show booth,  I turned my lil space into an instant photo-booth, and people could come over and have their picture taken doing something silly while they were browsing the vendors. Cool right?

So why the heck was I there??  I got a special invite from Lina, the Director of Event Services at UC Davis to attend the trade show and represent for all of us Green photographers out there.  Lina and I will be working on a project for UC Davis to help promote weddings on campus.  Check out the photography I’ve done at the UC Davis Arboretum to see how gorgeous this place is… I can’t wait to rock out some wedding photography here soon!  If you are a bride thinking about getting married here, check out their website for more details, and just know that fabulous pics are guaranteed!

I had a good time meeting new people from different vendors across the valley,  and of course the brides-to-be who were there looking for food options, and found wedding photos too =)

Special thank to Lina for inviting me to the Plan Green Trade Show, you and your crew were fun and energetic,  and I can tell you love your jobs!  Since every post can benefit from a photo or two, here’s a picture of Lina’s crew getting some hangtime!

Much <3, Dave