Sacramento Wedding Photography Sam and Jason

Leaves, Cowboy boots, Really tough looking geese,  and random office buildings, served up hot!  Sam and Jason are extremely fun people, and it is couples like them that make it hard to believe that this is actually a job, and taking these photos is considered “work.”   I went into this shoot with no particular idea of where we would end up… I only knew two things…

1. There would be a wardrobe change

2. Outfit nomber two was suited for a nature setting.

…and that was basically it.  They let me parade them around for some Midtown Engagement photos, then we headed down to the river and got in touch with nature.

P.S.  You know that cool photo where you run through a bunch of birds and they are flying away and your couple is frolicking and looking all happy n stuff? Yeah, don’t try it with geese. They will barely even move, and you just look like psycho-geese harassment people.  So, just mental note that.  Now for the eye-candy:

Sam and Jason, you guys are super fun and you make loving my job a reality! I realy had a good time shooting Midtown Engagement photos for you, and I’m super excited to shoot some Chateau at Incline Village Wedding photos for you guys this month!

Much <3,


  • Kim - February 19, 2011 - 10:50 am

    I love the one with the leaves 🙂