How to make your Cell Phone images more Interesting Part 1

Anyone who has ever asked me what my favorite camera is gets the same answer: My cell phone. Why? A few reasons, actually :

Reasons why my cell phone is my favorite:

#1:  Its THERE.  I always have it with me, so I use it very often. Every day, in fact.

#2: It’s simple.  point and shoot. I’ve learned how to tweak settings to make it do what I want, but usually I dont need to.

#3. The quality is good enough.  Not every memory needs to be 24 megapixels ahd sharp as a tack. Content is KING

I use my phone so often, that I also tend to experiment with the photos to get different effects. I wanted to share some of those effects with you to help you explore photography. Many of these can be adapted to big boy/big girl cameras too!

Okay, let’s start with a photo of  my unfairly adorable loin-fruit in my unattractive backyard. yes, i do all of my own landscaping.

DIY Take better cell phone photos iphone photo hacks 01


So….aside from her beauty, pretty boring.  More specifically, the background is ruining everything!!! It’s distracting.  Fortunately… I have this bracelet from my wife:


DIY Take better cell phone photos iphone photo hacks 02


So, this is what I did:  I shoved my phone up against this bracelet, so it was MOSTLY in the way of the camera…. but there would be little openings that peek through, where I could still see my progeny.  Play around with this until you like what you see on the screen, then take a photo. Or take 20!  This is what I ended up with, distractions eliminated completely!

DIY Take better cell phone photos iphone photo hacks 03

But there are easier ways to clean up a background, right? Here is one of them… have your subject lay down! The contrast against the dark wood, combined with the horizontal lines add interest.


DIY Take better cell phone photos iphone photo hacks 04


Buuuut we still have this bracelet.  So lets see what happens when I smoosh the bracelet against the camera again, and shoot through an empty space:


DIY Take better cell phone photos iphone photo hacks 05


The colors change because the background is darker, and  the photo takes on a whole new approach!!

Now get out there and shoot some pictures through your funky jewelry. Make sure its something clear, sparkly, and inexpensive!!

Stay tuned for more DIY Cell Phone photo hacks!

  • Simone Anne - April 7, 2015 - 7:01 pm

    Whoa! Magical! That last photo is so beautiful. Just with your phone, too? I love it!

  • daveshilling - April 14, 2015 - 6:58 pm

    Thanks Simone! Yeah, just with my cell phone, through a sparkly bracelet! I love experimenting with photography (= Thanks for the <3