Photo Field Trip 2014

The trip that started it all!! I definitely did not take many photos in 2014 because I was so immersed in just being there and having an amazing time. Here are some highlights, not all of which are considered “art” but all of which remind me of the life changing experience I had! _fieldtrip2014-16 DSC_0763 DSC_0769edit DSCF2835 DSCF2836 DSCF2837 DSCF2839 DSCF2843 DSCF2860 DSCF2861 DSCF2867 DSCF2871 DSCF2879 DSCF2882 DSCF2888 DSCF2891 DSCF2892 DSCF2914 graybenko_fieldtrip2014-11 IMAG2993 IMAG3009 IMAG3016 IMAG3049 IMAG3065 IMAG3067 IMAG3073